Many of these games are in the Z-machine format. This means that they can be played on pretty much any computer, be it Windows, Mac, Linux, Amiga, Palm, Commodore... Heck, I think they'll run on some high-end toasters. The downside is that you'll need an interpreter to run it. Bunches can be found at The IF Archive. For supported platforms, I suggest Frotz, particularly Windows Frotz 2002. Games powered by Gemstone work best using DOS Frotz.

StreamDiver Alpha Tango-678 FYEO

Clearance granted for immediate StreamDive. Target is local grid reference 0x1549. Temporal Reference 785278.7 UDC. We will be in phase for StreamDive at 865741.3 UDC. Dive duration not to exceed .5 units UDC (12 hours local time). Stream Capacitance field will be set for auto-recall at this time. Research unit indicates high levels of stream distortion in this zone, indicating that premature extraction may not be possible.
Mission Summary: The purpose of your StreamDive is historical research. We have isolated an evacuated area to minimize potential corruption. You are to record all findings, but avoid direct contact with any inhabitants. Records from this zone are fragmentary, so any documents of historical interest should be added to your DataStore.


Second place, 2001 Interactive Fiction Competition.

ZassBall - An interactive abuse of the Z-machine. Thrill to a relatively interesting recreation of the arcade classics Qix and Jezzball on the world's most unlikely arcade platform. A Version 5 Z-machine game. Powered by Gemstone.
Paint And Corners - Another interactive abuse of the Z-machine. A Lightcycle-like game featuring multiple levels and not-very-bright AI adversaries. A Version 5 Z-machine game. Powered by Gemstone.
Space InvaderZ - The arcade classic Space Invaders for the Z-machine. Powered by Gemstone.
FIRST WAVE, Then Jump Up And Down Screaming (or "Eeeagh! Alien INVADERS made me a FUGATIVE by starting a WAR OF THE WORLDS on INDEPENDANCE DAY") - A SpeedIF 4 diversion. Thrill to a totally realistic representation of the Eiffel Tower -- using only three rooms! Marvel as the prophecies of Nostradamus are revealed before your eyes! Quiver at the evil plans of the evil aliens! Excite at the highly realistic urinal! Wonder at the fact that there's four footnotes on the first turn! Amaze at the fact that it was written in a single hour! A Version 5 Z-Code game.
Rox - A member of the IF-Arcade. Not, as you'd think from my history, another Z-machine arcade game, but a textual recreation of Asteroids. Insanely difficult, but kind of neat. A Version 5 Z-machine game.

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