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What is GlkDOS?

GlkDOS is an implementation of Andrew Plotkin's Glk library for the MS-DOS operating system. It supports Blorb sound, high-resolution timers, color, style hints, and run-time configuration. It is available in both text and graphical versions.

What's Glk

Ask zarf.

I've got a GlkDOS program. How do I use the damned thing?

type program -help for a list of library options. While the program is running, press alt-f1 to bring up the configuration menu.

How does it look?

Here's some screen captures...

What else do I need to build GlkDOS programs

Most versions of GlkDOS requires the DJGPP compiler, and a Curses library. For sound support, you also need the Allegro game programming library and the JGMOD MOD player library. To use the configuration file capability, you also need GNU flex. The allegro-output version of GlkDOS does not require curses. Support for Jpeg graphics is provided by the Independant Jpeg Group's software. Support for PNG is provided by libpng, which requires zlib.

Where do I get it?

Right here.(source)

Or here, if you're less brave. (precompiled libraries)

Allegro International Keyboard Support add-ons

View the readme for GlkDOS 0.19.1

What's this about fonts?

Allegro GlkDOS comes with a file containing the data for several fonts. A glk-app can use any of them to make its output prettier. New fonts can be added to the data file at any time without the need to recompile the program.

Get the latest version of font.dat (updated 3.20.00)

What stuff's been built with GlkDOS?

Hey, is any of this useful for something that's not glk?

GlkDOS uses several very small "libraries" which I wrote. They're included in the main GlkDOS source distribution, but they might be useful for other purposes.

By L. Ross Raszewski.
Last update: 8/9/2005