Here, you will find tools and programs with some practical use. For programs with impractical use, see my games page.

DX-42 Particle Analyzer

The DX-42 Particle Analyzer is a cost-effective solution to producing representative statistical data about the size distribution of solid particles dispersed in liquids. The DX-42 system consists of a digital microscope and computer equipped with the specialized DX-42 software. By analyzing images of your particle dispersion, the DX-42 detects and classifies particles, then counts and graphs the particles to provide a detailed statistical analysis of the distribution of particle sizes.
By using optical methods rather than the more sophisticated laser-based devices used in some competing products, the DX-42 produces comparable results at a fraction of the cost. The DX-42 also offers the flexibility of using your own existing hardware for even greater savings.
  • The DX-42 Particle Analyzer is commercial software. email me for a price quote, output samples, and more information
GlkDOS is a 32-bit MS-DOS implementation of the Glk UI standard. Glk is an API for primarily-text interfaces, especially for Interactive Fiction interpreters.
  • The (kinda ratty) homepage of GlkDOS

Hey, how can I make a single that contains my game and an interpreter?

First off, you don't want to. I swear. No one will think less of you if you release your game as an interpreter, a game file, and a small batch file to start it. Bundling interpreters is a VERY BAD IDEA.

That said, I'll show off what a hypocrite I am by releasing BundleMonkey. BundleMonkey is a generic terp-n-gamefile bundler. It works by appending the interpreter and gamefile to the end of a small piece of loader code. When run, it extracts both to the current directory for the duration of play. This is a very silly way to do it, but it's a very silly thing to do anyway. However, this method has the advantage that it should work with almost any interpreter, even ones I didn't write. BundleMonkey is available for DOS only, and uses Allegro and its associated tools.

  • Get it here, if you must. BundleMonkey
  • For a better solution, try using a tool like NSIS to make an installer for your game. Think an EXE file looks "more professional" than a terp and gamefile? An automated installer would kick its scrawny poorly implemented butt.
GWindows is a complete UI Management system for Glulx-Inform. It allows users to decare complex screen layours in an object-oriented fashion, and manages the interaction between Glk and your program.
IBlorb is the premier tool for building blorb files in Windows and DOS. IBlorb is a suite of programs for creating and working with blorb. IBlorb has recently been updated to version 2.0 of the blorb specification.
  • blc: Blorb Packager -- generates blorb files from a simple control-file
  • bres: Blorb resource compiler -- generates blc control files and inform source from a resource file. Allows users to easily integrate blorb resources into inform-compiled programs by generating an inform header file which makes blorb resources available within a program
  • bpal: Blorb palette editor -- a simple program to create blorb palette information either by specifying palette entries or by extracting the palette from a png graphic.
  • front: Inform Frontend -- automates use of bres, blc, and inform to generate a blorb inform program in one step
  • bmerge: Blorb Merge -- Allows multiple blorb files to be combined into a single file (so that, say, sound and pictures may be distributed in separate blorb files, then combined later.) You can get IBlorb as:
  • Blorbalize is a complete tool for analyzing Blorb files. It performs all the functions of the standard blorbscan tool, and also adds extremely detailed format and compliance checking, identifying malformed resources and producing detailed information about the content of a blorb file. Blorbalize can also unpack a blorb file, and is equipped to analyze the new Treaty of Babel features in blorb files.

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