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Lewis Ross Raszewski, Jr.

3147 Tilden Dr.

Baltimore, MD 




Summary      Well-rounded Computer Scientist and Information Security Expert with minors in Mathematical Sciences and Philosophy.  Experienced with web and database development.  Intimate knowledge of software engineering and maintenance, operating systems and programming languages, as well as mathematical expertise in linear algebra, multivariable calculus, statistics, and cryptography. Adept problem solver with a broad range of knowledge.


                        Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD)

                        September 2001-May 2004

                                Master of Science in Security Informatics, May, 2004


                        Loyola College in Maryland (Baltimore, MD)

                        July 1997 - May 2001

Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Computer Science, minors in Mathematical Science and Philosophy

                                3.9 Cumulative GPA

                                Dean's List

                                Summa Cum Laude

                                Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society in Computer Science

                                Phi Beta Kappa

                                Distinguished Achievement in Computer Science 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001


An Application of Amorphous Slicing To Regression Test Cost Reduction. (With D. Binkley and C. Smith) Proceedings of MASPLAS 2000.

An Implementation of and Experiment with Semantic Differencing. (With D. Binkley, C. Smith, R. Capellini) Proceedings of the 2001 IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance, Florence, Italy, November 2001, pp. 82-91.

An Empirical Study of Amorphous Slicing as a Program Comprehension Support Tool. (With D. Binkley, C. Smith, and M. Harman)  Proceedings of the IEEE Eighth International Workshop on Program Comprehension, Limerick, Ireland, June 10-11 2000, pp. 161-170.

Professional Experience

                        H&R Retail (Timonium, MD)


                        IT Consultant / Network Administrator -- Windows

                        Performed major revisions to company website

                        Maintained UNIX-based web server, firewall, router, and server appliance

                        Overhauled company intranet and branch office VPN

                        Responsible for day-to-day maintenance of over 20 computers in 2 offices

                        Advised purchasing decisions on 2 new machines

                        Built Access database of shopping center tenants

                        Built Access database of DC area restaurants

                        Built Outlook interface to Access restaurant database

                        Set up remote user access to corporate intranet via IPSec and PPTP based VPN connections

                        Built branch office server with distributed file system


                        Valpac, Inc. (Federalsburg, MD)


                        Web site designer, Internet Consultant: designed and constructed internet page

Computer Consultant: routine maintenance and repairs to computer systems using a variety of operating systems including Windows and UNIX

                        Network Consultant: designed and constructed company intranet

                        Software developer: designed and constructed platform independent particle size analysis system

                                                                Designed inventory control software


                        Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD)


                        Research Assistant for Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute

                        Developed secure peer-to-peer and distributed networking software in UNIX environment.


                        Loyola College in Maryland (Baltimore, MD)


                        Research Assistant for Dr. D. Binkley

Developed software for amorphous slicing experiment which improved test subjects' ability to find errors in code by 20%

Findings presented at Mid Atlantic Student Workshop on Programming Languages And Systems (MASPLAS) 2000

                        Hauber Summer Research Fellowship

Developed slicing-based technique for regression test cost reduction which reduced regression testing costs by 30%

                        System Administrator -- UNIX

Computer Science Department Alumni server, Computer Science Department Usenet server.  Primary duties involved adding and removing user accounts, job control, monitoring backups, defining and enforcing security policies, applying kernel patches and upgrades.




                        Provided upon request




Operating Systems

                        MS-DOS; Windows 3.1, 95/98, NT, Me, 2000, XP, Windows Server 2000; Solaris; GNU/Linux; Unix

Programming languages and software packages

Extensive experience with C/C++, Java, Perl, HTML, Visual Basic 5/6, Visual Basic for Applications, oCaml, Lex/Yacc, UNIX scripting languages, MS Office suite, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Matlab, UML, Object Oriented Design, software engineering, network administration, software testing, database design and development of database applications

Significant experience with 80x86 assembly, SQL, Microsoft Exchange, Windows Server 2000

Familiar with .NET framework, JVM, Swing, embedded Visual Basic.

Some experience with computer engineering, including basic component installation and hardware troubleshooting.

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