Technically, a cloaking device should make you blind as well as invisible

It seems that I have become invisible to telemarketers. In the worst way possible.

  • Calls from Comcast, asking me if I’d like to sign up for cable, because I don’t have cable (I have cable): 2 a day every day for a week.
  • Calls from the credit card company asking if I would like to do a balance transfer or sign up for their new credit protector program: 1 a week
  • Letters from AARP suggesting that send them some money and become a member, because I’m fully eligible, after I wrote them a letter telling them that I was not interested, that I was not eligible, and that I was not going to be eligible for another twenty years, and was told that they were very sorry and it wouldn’t happen again: 2
  • Calls from Sprint on my cell phone assuring me that this was a free call, and asking if I ever went over my minutes, and telling me that I was eligible to get a second line: 4

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