ITCLXII: Es muy divertido!

I have often contended that there is something perhaps culturally or perhaps linguistically straightforward about the Spanish language. I had assumed at first this was simply because my knowledge of the language is based on two semesters in high school and my vocabulary is mostly limited to “things found in a classroom”, but from time to time I have seen evidence that this trend may exist out in the real world. For example, and I an finding it hard to believe Google when it tells me I haven’t already told you this story, I once caught a commercial for some spanish-language comedy show, and, where an American show might use a word like “zany” or “laughtacular” or “supercalifragilisticexpialiawacky”, the whole of their sales pitch seemed to be “Es muy divertido.” (It’s quite entertaining).
Which is why I found this sign at a JC Penney’s in New Jersey, a lot of fun:


In English, we sugar coat it. In Spanish: Extra large sizes for ladies. I am reasonably sure that I once saw a similar sign rendered as Tallas para damas mas grandes.

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