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The Big Choo-Choo Train

(Hey, check it out. I has a blog. And now it’s an exciting new WordPress-powered blog. I’ve always been happy with MovableType — this move shouldn’t be taken to disparage them. But I’ve been having some CGI issues with my web host recently, and apparently they explicitly support wordpress as part of my hosting package now, so I’m hoping things will be a bit more stable this way.)

The Big Choo-Choo Train
By Dylan
With Articles, Prepositions and the occasional Verb by Daddy

Once upon a time, Mommy and Daddy locked the door and went outside with Dylan. Daddy rang the doorbell – DING-DONG. Then Mommy rang the doorbell – DING-DONG. Grandma was outside in the car. Pop-Pop was also in the car. And so was cousin Maddie. Maddie wanted to play with Dylan’s toys, but Dylan said “No, no!” because he was not in the mood to share that day.

So Dylan and Maddie and Pop-Pop got on a big Choo-Choo Train. On the train, they met a bunny. A big bunny. A big talking bunny. The bunny was hopping. Dylan pushed a button on his laptop, and a doggie joined them and sang the A-B-Cs. Pop-pop read a book to Dylan while Maddie played with the big talking bunny.

While the bunny was hopping and the dog was singing the A-B-Cs and Pop-Pop was reading a book, suddenly, the Choo-Choo Train fell down! So Dylan got off the train. And Pop-Pop got off the train. And Maddie and the Doggie and the Big Talking Bunny got off the train. The Choo-Choo Train had a big boo-boo! Dylan picked the train up but they did not get back on the train because of the boo-boo. Instead, they put ice on the train’s boo-boo. Then Pop-Pop and Grandma and Maddie went home. Dylan played with the big talking bunny, but then the bunny fell down and got a boo-boo, because it hit its head on one of the posts of Dylan’s crib. So Dylan hopped all the way home.