This Bodes Ill

Scene: A Friday afternoon. DYLAN and DADDY are in the family room. DADDY has been incapacitated by a painful neck spasm for several days.

DYLAN approaches DADDY holding his thumb up.

DYLAN: Boo-boo, Daddy! Ice! Ice!

DADDY: You have a boo-boo on your thumb? You want some ice?

DYLAN: Okay, yeah.

DYLAN and DADDY go to the kitchen. DADDY opens the freezer

DADDY: Okay Dylan, let’s get you some ice.

DYLAN: No, Daddy, no ice. Candy.

DYLAN points to the bucket of leftover Halloween candy in the foyer.

DADDY: (after a moment) Okay. You can have a piece of candy.

DYLAN runs to the foyer. DADDY closes the freezer door and follows.

DADDY takes a Fun-Size Nestle Crunch Bar, unwraps it, and gives it to DYLAN

DYLAN: Daddy, some?

DADDY: You already have some.

DYLAN: Daddy some. Daddy eat candy too?

DADDY: You want Daddy to have some candy too? Okay.

DADDY selects a Fun-Size Milky Way bar

DYLAN: No, Daddy! Blue candy!

DADDY returns the Milky Way bar to the bucket and takes a Nestle Crunch Bar

DYLAN: (holds up his candy bar) Dylan, Daddy, candy: same thing!

DADDY: (chuckles) That’s right, Dylan. They’re the same.

DYLAN: (excited) Daddy, eat candy. Candy make Dylan boo-boo much better! Make Daddy boo-boo better?

DADDY: (astonished) Dylan, did you want Daddy to have the blue candy because Daddy had a boo-boo in his neck?

DYLAN: Yeah!

DADDY: (a beat) Thank you, son.


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