Scene: int. Family Room, day. DYLAN and DADDY are playing. DYLAN finishes some candy he had asked for on the pretext that his toy alligator wanted some.

DYLAN: Oh no! I forgot to give some candy to my friend alligator!

DADDY: That’s okay. I know. Since he’s a toy alligator, maybe he’d like pretend candy. Maybe you could make him some candy in your kitchen.

DYLAN: (incredulous) You don’t make candy in a kitchen!

DADDY: Sure you do! Where do you think candy comes from?

DYLAN: (condescending) It comes from the Easter Bunny. On Easter, the Easter Bunny bring it to our house.

DADDY: (laughing) Okay. But where do you think the Easter Bunny gets it?

DYLAN: (as though DADDY is very dim) From his easter basket.


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