On the news that Trevor Noah will be taking over The Daily Show


That is all¹

1. Okay, in addition to “Yay”, I will add that as soon as I heard that Jon was leaving, my first thought was “I kinda hope they let Trevor Noah replace him, even though he’s such an unknown and doesn’t have the amount of experience I bet they’d want for a high-profile position like that.” So yay².

2. Okay, technically he’s my second choice*, right after “Army of Jon Stewart Clones.”³

3. Come to think of it, if we had an army of Jon Stewart Clones, go ahead and give The Daily Show to Trevor Noah, and have the Jon Clones take over all of the hosting spots on all of the 24 hour news channels instead†.

* Not that Jessica Williams wouldn’t have done a fine job too. But she didn’t wow me the way Trevor Noah did, and also I think her style of humor wouldn’t work as well in the host spot. She really deserves her own show tailored to her particular strengths.

† Upon reflection, if the army of Jon clones took over cable news, that would seriously cut into the material available for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah to cover. Eh. He’s good, he’ll come up with something.

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