Tales From /lost+found 2: Doctor Who and the Encyclopaedia of Doom

After the recent collapse and subsequent rebuilding of reality, I found a few random bits left over, which is always the way when you do it yourself.

As part of my campaign to ensure that the respectable bits of Doctor Who fandom won’t have me back, I shall from time to time post without (much) comment these little snippets from a universe that wasn’t.

Wikipedia article on Doctor Who

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This not-for-profit art project was inspired in part (That part being “What if I push this joke past just being an offhand reference in my April Fool’s post”, which I wrote back in June 2014) by The Day of Doctor Who by Colin Brockhurst, which is absolutely fantastic and well worth looking at and/or purchasing.

It is also inspired a bit by An Alternative Program Guide by Charles Daniels and The Professor X Programme Guide (via Wayback Machine) by Stephen Jenkins, Darrel Manuel and John H Toon.

Some random bullshit is the fault of The Nth Doctor by Jean-Marc L’Officier.

One thought on “Tales From /lost+found 2: Doctor Who and the Encyclopaedia of Doom

  1. The_L

    This is utterly brilliant. šŸ™‚ I can see 90’s American TV making exactly these decisions, too.

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