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Doctor Who Trivia

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128. The Doctor has visited Sin City on several occasions. Which of these episodes is not set in Las Vegas:

a. High Roller
b. The Masters of Luxor
c. Dames and Doctors
d. Fear and Loathing in Vodon Station

129. Earth holds a special fascination for the Cybs. Historically speaking, which of these episodes features the earliest Cyb attack on Earth?

a. The Twin Planet
b. Daleks versus Cybermen
c. The Iron Legion
d. The Iron Turk

130. The Guardians too seemed to take an unusual interest in Earth. How many pieces of the Key to Time were found there?

131. Which historical gunslinger was the Doctor mistaken for in Who Shot the Sheriff?/Don’t Shoot, I’m the Doctor!?

a. Billy the Kid
b. Wyatt Earp
c. Wild Bill Hickok
d. Doc Holiday

132. No one has experienced more of Earth’s history than the Doctor, except perhaps his old friend Nicolas Flamel. Which of these historical figures did Flamel not meet?

a. Aleister Crowley
b. Adolf Hitler
c. Tomas de Torquemada
d. Isaac Newton

133. Which city on present-day Earth has the Doctor visited in the greater number of episodes, (a) Seattle or (b) San Francisco?

134. “Most legends are true, if you’ve got a sufficiently flexible definition of ‘true’,” says the Doctor. Which legendary cryptid turned out to be a robot created by The Toymaker?

a. The Loch Ness Monster
b. The Abominable Snowman
c. The Jersey Devil
d. Sasquatch

135. In the far future, mankind spreads out into the galaxy. Which of the following is not known to be an Earth colony?

a. Tholios
b. Aridius
c. New Alexandria
d. Cyberius

136. Which mythical Earth city did the Doctor visit while traveling with Ruth and Leo?
a. El Dorado
b. Atlantis
c. Shangri-La
d. Camelot

137. All of these races have set Earth in their sights at one time or another. But which one has not attacked Earth in the present day?

a. The Daleks
b. The Autons
c. The Mothrai
d. The War Lords

138. In what story did the Doctor discover a lost Time Lord weapon in New York City?

a. Damaged Goods/The War on Drugs
b. Something Inside/The Enemy Within
c. The Other Side/Starcrossed
d. The Ultimate Computer/Engines of War

139. What other Earth city was the hiding place of a Time Lord weapon?
a. Seattle
b. San Francisco
c. London
d. Atlantis

Answers: D, C, 3, D, B, A, B, A, C, D, A, B

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