Tales From /lost+found 19: Listings

I’ll be honest with you, the first season after they switched over to the Sci-Fi Channel wasn’t all that great. Text version below the fold.

Doctor Who Alternative Season 5 Listings

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Deepwater Black, Part 1 | Episode 1 | 10/6/00 | 6.8
Deep space, the distant future: following Earth’s devestation by plague, the future of mankind rests with the colony ship Deepwater. The Doctor arrives to find the ship badly damaged by a mysterious creature.

Deepwater Black, Part 2 | Episode 2 | 10/13/00 | 7.1
The Doctor returns to Deepwater five hundred years later, but far less has changed than he expected.

Now You See Me | Episode 3 | 10/20/00 | 6.2
In modern-day San Diego, the Doctor shuts down a smuggling ring trafficking in shipwrecked aliens with the help of a government agent who can turn invisible.

Chicago | Episode 4 | 10/27/00 | 8.6
An alien which feeds on violent emotions is escalating the gang war in prohibition-era Chicago.

The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre | Episode 5 | 11/3/00 | 8.4
With his new friends Ruth and Leo, the Doctor makes an uneasy alliance with the only man powerful enough to stop the T’l’k’n: Al Capone.

The Masters of Luxor | Episode 6 | 11/10/00 | 8.8
The Doctor offers to take Ruth and Leo somewhere they can get married. Instead, he lands them in an abandoned luxury hotel where hospitality robots have run amok.

Damaged Goods | Episode 7 | 11/17/00 | 8.0
The TARDIS alerts the Doctor to the presence of a powerful Time Lord weapon in modern-day New York.

The War on Drugs | Episode 8 | 11/24/00 | 7.8
The Doctor struggles to stop the N-form without sacrificing the people of New York. But is the N-form right about humanity being tainted by the Time Lords’ Enemy?


2 thoughts on “Tales From /lost+found 19: Listings

  1. Nate

    Hooray for name-checking Ken Catran’s Deepwater Black YA novel trilogy! Him being a fellow kiwi and all. And wow, I had no idea it was actually made into television. It never showed on New Zealand TV, of course. ‘Tis the way of the world. Tall poppies and number eight wire and so on.

    tbh I never aaactually read the books but they were certainly in our library and I did stare at the covers for quite a while before going ‘nope, I don’t see myself enjoying this’.

  2. Ross Post author

    It’s not a series I’d actually ever heard of until I went looking up Sci-Fi Channel original series looking for something Doctor Who could latch onto. From what little I watched of the show itself… Yeah, the covers probably told you what you needed to know.

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