Tales from /lost+found 68: You’ve activated my trap card!

British audiences were obviously scandalized that the Doctor and Winston Churchill were depicted in an antagonistic relationship in the 1999 two-parter “The Iron Legion”/”The Perfect Soldier“. But come on, look at the smack the man talked about Ghandi, or about women’s rights, or the fact that he was pretty much ambivalent about fascism (and outright said he preferred it to communism) until the fascists had the temerity to muscle in on his empire’s turf. Can you imagine someone like the Doctor being all buddy-buddy with a jerk like that?

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Winston Churchill – The British Bulldog – Human Leader – Super Rare

Character Text: Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War II. Nearly fell victim to an invasion plot by the Cybs, who presented themselves as allies against Nazi Germany.

Quote: If you’re going through hell, keep going.

Affinities: War Lords, Monsters, Humans
Atk: 75/100/125/350
HP: 450
XP: 500

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