WWJS: An old meme retold in images

(Back next week. Something funny occurred to me instead that I wanted to post about this week)

GOPTeens: What would Jesus's favorite gun be? / A Nail gun / Not funny. Consider yourself blocked.

Things @GOPTeens doesn’t understand: Jesus. Humor. How hashtags work

Many Guns

Wayne LaPierre’s brain is more organized than I would imagine.

You must choose. But choose wisely

And no choosing Pikachu.

Golden Gun

Third nipple: Optional.

Melting Nazi

This is why you need to remember to moisturize

He chose poorly

I mean seriously, Magikarp?

Nail gun

Wait for it.

This is the gun of a carpenter!

When I related the original reference to a Catholic friend of mine, I actually did have to explain to him that there was anything other than this exact thing that the nail gun might have been referencing.

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