I don’t believe it’s so.

The next couple War of the Worlds posts are already scheduled so they’ll probably run on time unless I decide not to, but I don’t know if I’m going to keep going after that. I no longer enjoy writing about apocalypses now that I live in one.

But I wanted to share a few lines from a song that would have been featured in today’s post if the human race hadn’t just proven that they deserve the extinction that’s coming faster than ever now.


Once, there was a time when I believed,
Without hesitation,
In the power of love and truth to conquer all,
in the name of salvation.
Tell me what kind of weapon is love, when it comes to the fight?
And how much protection is truth, against all Satan’s might?


2 thoughts on “I don’t believe it’s so.

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  2. Nate

    There must be something worth living for
    There must be something worth trying for
    Even some things worth dying for
    If just one man could stand tall
    There would be some hope for us all,
    Somewhere, somewhere in the spirit of man

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