Tales from /lost+found 120: 2017 Giveth and 2017 Taketh Away

This one just had to do a last-minute revision, because fuck 2017. More below the fold…

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What if the Doctor’s exile had never been lifted?

Earth: 1988. Or maybe 1998. The Cybermen have returned, more deadly than ever. After decades on Earth, UNIT’s crack scientific advisor has a few tricks up his sleeve, such as a psychic shield that grants all of humanity the Time Lord’s resistance to cyber mind control. At least, that was the theory. After months of siege, the Cybermen attack the psychic link itself. Their devastating attack kills millions in an instant, including the Doctor… One moment of fear and pain and rage is all it takes: the Doctor regenerates, but it’s a regeneration like no other. Fueled by the psychic trauma of the mass carnage across the Earth, the Doctor’s regeneration energy spreads far beyond his own form, changing the nature of humanity forever. Not enough to restore the fallen, it instead grants them a horrifying half-life, and even the threat of the Cybermen pales in comparison. Because sometimes, when the wind stands foul and the Doctor comes to call, everybody lives.

Starring Martin Landau as the Doctor.

Also starring Deborah Watling as Ms. Waterfield, Samuel Anderson as Sergeant Pink and Beverley Cressman as Kate Stewart.



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