Any Questions?

In honor of the recent broadcast of The David S. Pumpkins Halloween Special, I’ve decided to put off the next War of the Worlds thing in order to bring you… Unlikely Halloween Specials!

This turned out to be way harder than I expected, because it turns out that pretty much anything can be a Halloween special. Shoulda known.

Though respected in its own day, it is of course now considered controversial for its negative depiction of white nationalists.

Still better than the second live-action movie.

This is a cheat, since it turns out Peyo already wrote basically this. True story: it had to be recolored for the US market because apparently equating black skin with being mindless and violent isn’t considered racist in Belgium.

Fun fact: canonically, Bea Arthur’s character retired from the Cantina and lived a long, happy life with her wife in suburban Tattooine.


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