Deep Ice Addendum: More Saddleback

It’s almost Christmas, and also almost my son’s birthday, and also just past my wife’s birthday, so here’s a filler article: more fun panels from the Saddleback illustration of War of the Worlds.

Here’s the text from the back cover, by the way:

Do UFO’s really exist?
Could creatures from another planet visit Earth?
In The War of the Worlds they do exist and the visitors from the planet Mars come to Earth with not so friendly intentions—to destroy our civilization!

Greengrocer’s apostrophe theirs.

I love that this abridgement included “Dude who is mostly concerned about the insurance.”

I wasn’t exaggerating when I said there were an inordinate number of panels about horses.

I love this unnamed military guy. Very GI Joe.

Why is half a page devoted to a panel that is 80% empty?

I didn’t show the curate before. He’s another one who’s got some magnificent nightmare fuel going on.

Their headline writers all died in the first attack.

I omitted this last time: the destruction of Thunder Child. Not crazy about the composition of the panel, but man do I still love how laid back the tripods look.

Another wonderful melty-faced Sendak-inspired nightmare.

And here’s the narrator going mad at the sound of the Ulla-lations of the dying Martians.

See you next week for, let’s face it, probably another filler article. Depends on whether I can find the time to cough out something about a somewhat more mainstream comic books.

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