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TV Title Cards: In which I get political

Shocking, I know.

Title Cards: Buddy Cop Show Edition

Featuring phrases ripped from both the headlines and also context. Except for the one which is just a phrase I’m pretty sure I misheard walking down the aisle at the supermarket.

One’s a straight-laced cop. One’s a circus strongman. They fight crime!

They’re the department’s most decorated beat cops. They just made detective, but now they have to go under cover with LA’s hippest street-magician.

Technically could not have happened to a more deserving trio.

Honestly, all I can think right now is Jan Hammer music

Tales From /lost+found 154: Easter Special

And a happy Easter to you at home as well.

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5×1 In Harm’s Way: Presented with a mysterious box that carries a distress signal from an old friend, the Doctor makes a perilous trip outside the universe. When they arrive on a junkyard planet, the TARDIS seems to die, leaving the Doctor and Harmony at the mercy of a sentient, sinister planet, his only hope an strange, disturbed woman who claims to be his oldest companion…