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WWJS: An old meme retold in images

(Back next week. Something funny occurred to me instead that I wanted to post about this week)

GOPTeens: What would Jesus's favorite gun be? / A Nail gun / Not funny. Consider yourself blocked.

Things @GOPTeens doesn’t understand: Jesus. Humor. How hashtags work

Many Guns

Wayne LaPierre’s brain is more organized than I would imagine.

You must choose. But choose wisely

And no choosing Pikachu.

Golden Gun

Third nipple: Optional.

Melting Nazi

This is why you need to remember to moisturize

He chose poorly

I mean seriously, Magikarp?

Nail gun

Wait for it.

This is the gun of a carpenter!

When I related the original reference to a Catholic friend of mine, I actually did have to explain to him that there was anything other than this exact thing that the nail gun might have been referencing.

A Second Amendment Crisis

Inspired by a comment thread at Slacktivist:


ZARDOZ: The gun is good. The penis is evil.  [Art of the toy version of Transformers G1 Megatron in his Walther P38-with-trigger-for-crotch glory]  ZARDOZ: Well that's my theology buggered.

Click to embiggen

And that’s why you shouldn’t build your entire religion on an inflexible all-or-nothing appeal to “literalism”.

You should probably be glad I didn’t find an excuse to include red-diapered Sean Connery in my Megatron/Zardoz joke. (Closed Caption version below the fold)

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How many XP is that?

The other day, Leah gave me a ride to work, which gave me the chance to give the scenery a more thorough look-over than usual. As we passed a church, I noticed this sign, lovingly recreated via internet church sign generator:


When I saw this, several things instantly popped into my head…
Thank you Mario, but our savior is in another castle

You can also pretend it’s a fortune cookie: Prepare for the next level of blessing — in bed!
It's over nine thousand!

Prepare for the next level of blessing, SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! With TRUCKZILLA!.

ITCLXII: Es muy divertido!

I have often contended that there is something perhaps culturally or perhaps linguistically straightforward about the Spanish language. I had assumed at first this was simply because my knowledge of the language is based on two semesters in high school and my vocabulary is mostly limited to “things found in a classroom”, but from time to time I have seen evidence that this trend may exist out in the real world. For example, and I an finding it hard to believe Google when it tells me I haven’t already told you this story, I once caught a commercial for some spanish-language comedy show, and, where an American show might use a word like “zany” or “laughtacular” or “supercalifragilisticexpialiawacky”, the whole of their sales pitch seemed to be “Es muy divertido.” (It’s quite entertaining).
Which is why I found this sign at a JC Penney’s in New Jersey, a lot of fun:


In English, we sugar coat it. In Spanish: Extra large sizes for ladies. I am reasonably sure that I once saw a similar sign rendered as Tallas para damas mas grandes.