The Thought That Counts

This Christmas, I tried to be all subtle about what I wanted, thinking I was too old to go around making Christmas lists. As it turns out, subtlty is not my strong suit. Seems that after my long stint as a Person of Little Income, I’m not very comfortable asking for things I could do without or buy myself. In fact, it’s really difficult for me to write this now. Just feels sort of childish.
But anyway, the point of this little story is that I’ve got a birthday coming up. This post is not me asking for stuff. This post is just to document some things I’d really like to have. Also, I’ll point out that I’ve had an wishlist hiding behind one of those little badges on the left side of the screen just about ever since I switched to Movable Type.
So, if you were a person looking to get me something but you don’t know what I’d like, here are some things I’d like. Don’t feel yourself constrained to this list in any way. And if you aren’t looking to get me something, then please don’t. The last thing I need is a perfunctory gift that gives me the feeling that you didn’t want to get me anything but felt duty-bound to do so.

  • A cordless dremmel tool, having burned out my corded dremmel knock-off last year
  • A Nintendo Wii & the new Zelda Game, because these are so hard to get that I ought to start asking now if I want to get one in time for next Christmas.
  • A Nintendo DS *amp; the new Super Mario game, the new DS Zelda game, or the not-so-new Metroid game, because every person in Japan has three of them by now, and I’m jealous
  • A Bluetooth Headset so that I do not crash my car while talking on the phone. Don’t care much about the brand per se, so long as it’s a good unit. The kind that has a ring to clip over your ear, not the kind that holds itself up by your ear canal.
  • A new car, because mine is broken
  • Transformers Milennium Falcon It transforms into Han and Chewie robots. How cool is that?
  • A Red Ryder carbine-action, two hundred shot Range Model air rifle BB gun with a compass in the stock and a thing which tells time –wait. On second thought, naah. I’d shoot my eye out.

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