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You an I Under the Stars Tonight

Or is yours that kind of arrogant faith that says, “Everyone else must be a complete idiot not to have faith and believe what I believe.” I hope not, because you seem so nice. Plus, I probably don’t believe what you believe, so now I’m stupid and how are we going to have a decent conversation once that’s established?


Are you a kind of arrogant, angry, “only idiots believe in God” sort of person? I hope not. Because if you are, then I’m stupid, and how are we going to have a conversation now that my stupidity is out on the table for everyone to see.

And why is it that whenever an athiest finds out that I’m a person of faith, they assume I’m the former, and whenever I find out that someone’s an atheist, I assume they’re the latter?
And why are they wrong way more often than I am? (I mean, other than the Fundamental Attribution Error).

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