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ITCIX: Allons-y, Allonzo

You know, it has oft been noted that the Swiss Army Knife, while incredibly handy, contains tools oriented more toward, say, a boy scout than to a soldier in the field. A number of reasons have been proposed for this, including the fact that Switzerland hasn’t been to war in hundreds of years. But things could be worse:


Behold: The French army knife.

Tales of Interest

Inspired by i can has cheezburger
I play, I may have mentioned, in a bar trivia league.
Once, a few years ago now, during one game, one of the members of an opposing team took issue with something the host did. She expressed her disapproval by holding a stuffed rabbit up in the air and declaring, “THE BUNNY SAYS NO!”
Until this moment, I did not fully comprehend this statement.
The bunny says no.