Fair and Balanced

Bill Ayers is a Distinguished Professor in the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He also founded an organization which did some violent terrorist-y things many years ago. He was never convicted of being a terrorist, but neither has he ever recanted his radical views.
He’s been fundamental in the reform of Chicago’s school system, and was Chicago’s 1997 Citizen of the Year.
He was heavily involved with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge Project and the Woods Fund of Chicago.
Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois) was on the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge Project and was involved with the Woods Fund of Chicago.
To Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, this is hugely important. After all, if Obama really loved America, he wouldn’t associate with a Citizen of the Year former convicted terrorist.
According to John McCain, when presented with an opportunity to be part of a project which distributed a $50 million grant to public schools in Chicago, or with a project that in 2006 distributed $3.1 million to local organizations in order to help with poverty relief, Senator Obama should have said “Sorry, charity is not as important as snubbing a man who did something really bad a very long time ago and has done lots of good things ever since.”
Things Senator McCain seems to dislike:

  • Charity
  • Unconvicted former domestic terrorists
  • Sex education

Things Senator McCain seems to like:

Among Senator McCain’s 13 cars is a 2007 Ford half-ton pickup truck. About Henry Ford, someone once said “I regard Henry Ford as my inspiration.” That someone was Adolph Hitler. Now, why would a true patriot like John McCain drive a car made by a company founded by a raging antisemite and Nazi-sympathizer?

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