In Which Ross makes up for lost time by posting like five times in a day (The Tribe, episode 6)

Cloey catches Bray talking to Zoot. If that nonsense made any sense to you, you’ve watched more of this show than I have. Zoot, as it turns out, is the Alex-From-A-Clockwork-Orange guy who runs the Locos, who I am totally sure is gonna turn out to be Trudy’s Baby-Daddy.
Kiwi HJO, who has been hoarding a secret stockpile of food, gets all bitchy when redhead dye job girl asks to use some of his water ration to bathe the baby, who is now old enough to stink.
Cloey agrees to keep Bray’s dirty little secret friendship with this season’s big bad in exchange for guaranteeing the safety of her pet cow.
It turns out that Shortround’s name is “Dal”, not “Dell”. Not that either of these is, so far as I know, an actual name, but we get to see it written down when he raids his late father’s medical office.
Oh, and the cars are STILL FUCKING BURNING.

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