The Tribe: Episode 4

In which Trudy has a baby, Cloey walks her pet cow, Lex looks menacing, and hot water is essential.
Seriously, does anyone know what you use the hot water for during a childbirth? Also, Red-Blue-haired-girl, who Wikipedia tells me is named Zandra, talks Lex into giving her some parcetemol in exchange for the promise of no sex, proving that Lex Luthor is an idiot. Immediately after delivering the baby which everyone thinks is his daughter, Bray does a runner, and instantly, everyone assumes that he’s abandoned his girl and child and they begin plotting revenge. I think it’s safe to assume that he’ll be back in an hour or so.
The cars are still on fire, and, I swear to god, Cloey frolics with a cow until the Locos come and she runs away. She’s sneaking off with food for her pet cow. At some point, this cow is going to become delicious.

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