The Tribe: Episodes 21-25

  • Trudy ended the previous episode by popping enough sleeping pills to escape this episode, showing her textbook lack of concern for her baby. So far, this show has given me a total lack of sympathy for a rape victim, and a total lack of sympathy for a suicidal teenage mother.
  • Speaking of lack of sympathy, Magenta finds the baby crying with Trudy unconscious in a puddle of pills, and decides that it would be best to not tell anyone, and just wander off with the baby making wistful statements about how much better a mother she’d be. Lex Luthor, as we have previously established, falls into a coma after sex, so it takes him about halfway through the episode to show up and find out about that.
  • And the moment Bray announces that he’s going to go out in search of supplies, Celine decides that he’s going to go off and make wild passionate love to Ebony. Because Bray exudes some sort of weird psycho-jealous-bitch pheromones.
  • Amber gets mad at Bray, because he “led Trudy on.” He denies it, but Amber shames him by pointing out the way he kept asserting that he would take care of her in her time of crisis and protect her and her baby, with all his “finding her a place to live” antics and his “getting food and supplies” antics, and his “keep the Locos from murdering all of us” antics. The asshole.
  • I just noticed. Zandra’s ass is enormous.
  • Is “Zandra” a real Kiwi name, or is iit one of those post-apocalypse made up names, like “Zoot” (Zoot’s real name was Martin)?
  • When Bray returns with supplies, Amber makes some hurtful quip to the tune of how she’s surprised he came back. Every time Bray leaves, they’re surprised he comes back. After the apocalypse, the survivors will lose the ability to learn from the past.
  • Speaking of which, I had realized some time ago that Amber is played by the same actress as played the Sixth Ranger’s disappeared girlfriend on Power Rangers a couple of seasons ago. I just realized that the dude who plays Bray is that sixth ranger.
  • Sleeping with Tyson makes Lex decide to be less of a jerk to Zandra. Now, Lex and Tyson are the only two members of the tribe to have actually done it, and yet seeing Lex talking to Tyson does not send Zandra into a jealous rage. This is because Zandra is incredibly stupid.
  • Since Paul the deaf kid’s disappearance seems to be permanent, he’s replaced by the young theif KC who wanders in and burgles the place. He’s voted in against the objections of the Kiwi version of the kid from Love Actually, who he gives a look that indicates that he wants to bed him.
  • Meanwhile, Dalek and Trudy run away and join up with a happy friendly tribe who have “We are an insane suicide cult of the sort the ATF tends to light on fire,” writ on them so large that it could be seen from space.
  • Incidentally, Dalek tells Trudy an old family saying, “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade,” in a way that indicates that the saying is not a well-known platitude in New Zealand. I guess the 0th season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 never made it over there.
  • The crazy cultists are very nice to Dalek and Trudy, aside from occasionally telling her that she’d make a good mother, but they get all creepy and evasive when asked how they stay clear of the Locos. So when Trudy decides to become maternal, and splits to go reclaim her baby, the crazy people freak out, and have to restrain themselves lest Dalek cotton on to the fact that they’ve got horrible horrible plans for him. Fortunately for them, he’s really unimaginably stupid.
  • Trudy and Dalek mention that they were living in “Sector 10” of the city. Do New Zealand cities break down into numbered sectors like in dystopian science fiction, or did the writers just forget how the setting works?
  • When Amber bitches out Trudy upon her return, she says, “You went out with my mate and came back without him. We had the same plans, him and me.” Now, as I mentioned, Amber’s accent is way less Kiwi than the others, but this line was really meant to be said in an over-the-top Dick-van-Dyke-in-Mary-Poppins Cockney.
  • Very cutely, Tyson reassures Zandra that she wasn’t having a relationship with Lex Luthor, she just slept with him a few times. I think this same scene happened in an episode of Night Court with Bull and Dan.

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