The Tribe 2×31-2×40

Episode 31 is a rave, and my hatred of raves is prevents further comment. In episode 32, however, everyone falls off the wagon: Lex, having cleaned up his act, has a drink with Ryan who is getting drunk to deal with Selene’s refusal to have a baby with him, and this causes him to regress into full-on alcoholic asshole mode. Meanwhile, Ebony confesses her love for Bray, and he rejects her, causing her to fall off the “goodness” wagon and go back to full-on evil mode. And the rest of the tribes decide that they’ve had about enough of the Mallrats trying to restore order and everything, and return to lawlessness.
Which is, of course, the perfect time for Trudy to come back, quite obviously brainwashed and crazy. Also, we get to see Katy Perry in bed with Bray.
No one is at all suspicious of Trudy’s return, despite the fact that thus far, they have always been suspicious of everyone for everything.
By the way, for some reason, Ebony has “Aba Messiah” tattooed on her arm. That’s the name of the closing theme music. They really like their own soundtrack.
Alice returns to the farm out of anger at Lex’s claims to have gotten back on the wagon, where she is crushed by the only thing larger than herself, a barn.
Between sex and sloppy makeouts, Katy Perry decides to organize a tribal forum to prepare a defense against the Chosen, while Selene yells at Ryan for not coming up with a better way to reconcile with her despite the fact that she never gives him a chance to speak.
Bray and Katy Perry have some pillow talk about Bray’s reluctance to bed her on the morning of the Tribal Forum, now that Trudy is back.

  • Katy Perry: It means that you were obviously glad to see her, and it means I know that you and her have some kind of history
  • Leah: True and true.
  • Katy Perry: … And it means I’m being a jealous cow.
  • Leah and Ross: True!

Later, Katy Perry catches Bray calming Selene down when she freaks out about Ryan going out into the big scary city where the Chosen might nab him. Katy Perry decides that “Jealous Cow” works for her, so she becomes jealous and mean.
Speaking of Ryan, he’s out in the big scary city with Ellie, tracking down a rumor about a Chosen in “sector 13”. Do cities anywhere have numbered sectors like that? (Fun Fact: Paris does.) He decides not to come home with her, and instead, to go climb a mountain and off himself.
Katy Perry and Bray fight, then make up, which makes Selene sad, as she’s realized that she’s secretly still in love with Bray. Meanwhile, Chloe has noticed that Trudy isn’t herself any more, but no one else really believes her despite her creepy weirdness.
Bray goes to visit a tribe who wear silly costumes and live in a place lit entirely by blacklight, causing me to wonder why I haven’t noticed so far that everyone is evolving into extras from The Warriors.
Alice goes on a date with Lex, to Lex’s chagrin, because he can’t muster the balls to forthrightly reject her. Personally, I think Lex should just try showing her some affection — she’ll run a mile. Or kill him, since as we know, Lex can only show affection in the form of rape attempts.
Patsy makes cryptic comments that imply she’s being brainwashed by Trudy. then gives Chloe a scary jack-in-the-box. Ellie meets a cute boy who convinces her that the Chosen have broken up. She prints it in the newsletter, and everyone believes it since if you see it in the Sun, it’s so.
Episode 30 ends with the guy who convinced Ellie that the Chosen had broken up meeting with someone who is obviously a Chosen in the sewers to be told that it is Time To Put Their Evil Plans In Action. Shadowy figure? Well, if you haven’t worked out who it is by now, I’m not going to tell you.

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