Easter Vignettes

A few days before Easter. Dylan is in the dining room on all fours, contemplating some early Easter candy.

Dylan: Woof woof! I’m a doggie! I please have some candy?

Daddy: Sorry. Chocolate isn’t good for doggies.

Dylan: (As though Daddy is very dim) I’m just pretending to be a doggie.

The Saturday Before Easter.

Dylan, at bedtime, after a long array of hugs, kisses, and goodnights from visiting family: “All this love is makin’ me sleepy.

Easter Sunday. Mommy has hidden chocolate Easter eggs for an Easter Egg Hunt after Dinner.

An hour or so before dinner:

Dylan: (Holds up a chocolate egg) Look! I found this! Can I have it?

Mommy: It’s not time for the Easter egg hunt yet! I need to know which one that is so we can make sure we find them all later. Where did you find that one?

(Dylan holds up a flattened foil wrapper.)

Dylan: It was inside this.


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