I see a long future in Constitutional Law

Scene: DADDY is watching a show. DYLAN wants to watch Dinosaur Train. DADDY has agreed to let him watch his show once DADDY’s show is finished


DYLAN: How much time does your show have?

DADDY pauses his show, causing a blue indicator bar showing the progress of his show

DADDY: Twenty minutes

Thirty seconds pass

DYLAN: Now how much time does your show have?

DADDY: A little less than twenty minutes

Thirty seconds pass

DYLAN: Daddy, now how long your show has?

DADDY: Ninteen minutes

Fifteen seconds pass

DYLAN: Now much longer your show is now?

DADDY: (irritated) Dylan, you’re nagging. If you ask me how long the show is one more time, you won’t be allowed to watch your show at all.

DYLAN: Even if I say please?

DADDY: Even if you say please.


DADDY: Because when you are a nag, people don’t want to do nice things for you.

One minute passes

DYLAN: Daddy?


DYLAN: (thinking) Can you… Show me… The blue line? The line that says how much of the show there is?

DADDY: … Touche, son.

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