Tales from /lost+found 29: The important part is not the part you think it is…

I was really hoping to come up with something about bootstrap paradoxes this week. Which technically, this is not. But then again, maybe it is…

(Text, as usual, below the fold)

Doctor Who Encyclopedia "Toymaker"-"Twitchell"

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having grown tired of his immortality. Nevertheless, his dying act was to seek revenge against the Doctor while technically fulfilling the terms of their wager: he showed the Doctor his forgotten Time War enemies by freeing the War Lords from their imprisonment. (7.20) (Played by JULIAN RICHINGS)

Toynbee Engine: A primitive time machine stolen by the Morthrai. The Doctor was able to destroy the device but was flung back in time 2000 years as a result. Named after the Ray Bradbury story “The Toynbee Convector”. (4.11)

Tragan: Race of bounty hunters employed by the Peacekeepers to capture the living ship Moya. (8.2)

Trolios: Former Earth colony in the Medusa Cluster. The Doctor was tricked into helping The Vox, a reactionary insurrectionist movement, mount a coup against the lawfully elected government. (7.5)

Trojan Horse: A statue of a horse used by Agamemnon and the Greek army to invade Troy. The Doctor may have provided him with the idea. Many years later, he would liken the Mortrai envoy ship to it.

Trump Tower: A mixed-use skyscraper in New York City. The Doctor suggested to the N-Form that any alien influence in New York likely originated there. (5.8)

Twain, Mark: 19th century American novelist and humorist, born Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Though a long-time fan of his work, the Doctor initially found him irritating in person. Due to a “glitch” in the TARDIS, Clemens was transported along with the Doctor and Lizzie to 5th century Cornwall. The events he witnessed there would inspire the novel A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (3.4, 3.5). Before returning him to his native time, the Doctor and Clemens traveled forward to 2061, where they were able to prevent Halley’s Comet from colliding with the Earth. (3.6) (Played by JERRY HARDIN)

Twelfth Imperial Dalek Legion: Expedition of Spider Daleks sent to the planet Parradon in the 26th century to prevent an Earth Expedition from locating a cure for the space plague. (6.15)

Twitchell, W. D.:  A US Government agent assigned to monitor the protected cryptid habitat in Perfection, Nevada. (7.12)(Played by DEAN NORRIS)

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