Tales from /lost+found 30: Sola Scriptura

Pshaw. The Doctor as Odin? What idiot would come up with an idea like that?

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Doctor Who Series Bible Page

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Well, why did you think Hasselhoff had that eyepatch?

THE DOCTOR is the last Time Lord of Gallifray. He is jovial and seems carefree, but he also possesses a strong determination to save other worlds from the fate that befell his people. The Doctor is a HERO but also a TRICKSTER. He possesses great knowledge – possibly unbounded knowledge – of the universe but this has come at a tremendous cost as he is now doomed to wander the universe unable to set down roots. Despite – or perhaps BECAUSE – of his total encyclopedic knowledge of the universe, he often has trouble keeping social conventions straight. He is at his heart an anarchist, with little respect for established law or power structures. The long and short of it is that The Doctor is the Norse god Odin crossed with Columbo. He is a catalyst for chaos wherever he goes, empowering the weak and afflicting the powerful. The Doctor saves planets not by restoring order, but by destroying oppressive order. This should be in equal parts liberating and terrifying. Just like a real doctor, even if we know he will make us better, none of us look forward to a visit from him. He is possessed of wisdom far beyond human imaginings, but he hides it behind the appearance of being a bumbler. But his modesty is not purely an affectation: he has seen so much of the wonders of the universe that he is acutely aware, despite his great knowledge and power, of how small he is in comparison to it.
After a privileged youth in the most prestigious of the great houses of the Time Lords, he left his planet when he came of age in hope of finding his father, the legendary Time Travel pioneer Ulysses, who had been lost in space and time

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