Did I mention I’m a prophet?

MST3K logoSo, you know how no one had heard of Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future and then I wrote a series of articles about it, and then I had a kid and took a couple of years off blogging, and then they decided to do a revival of Captain Power, which is totally a coincidence except that clearly I am a prophet?

Well guess what happened on Kickstarter literally one week to the day after I published this article about Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Clearly, I have the power to inspire defunct ’80s shows to return to life by blogging about them. Shall we open up the bidding for me to write about Manimal? Or to not write about Knight Rider? (Seriously, you had four chances. It’s just not going to work.)

(Man am I glad I pushed back that article exactly that many weeks and not a week longer)

3 thoughts on “Did I mention I’m a prophet?

  1. Nate

    I still want to see the dark, dystopic horror/SF universe promised in the Knight Rider opening titles. The ‘shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist’. A world where it’s considered perfectly normal for mega-corporations running (or run by) by sentient AIs to front political foundations, run their own privatised police forces, and give all their operatives complete facial replacement surgery and identity scrubs.

    That’s a pretty dark vision when you think about all the premises. It should have ended up somewhere in tone between Max Headroom and La Femme Nikita (the Canadian series).

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