Tales from /lost+found 41b: Fair Warning, I’m not doing this for René Angélil

Well shit. I’m burning through a lot of material here.

There’s been persistent rumors since the ’70s (or was it the ’80s?) of someone somehow persuading the Thin White Duke to do something related to Doctor Who, so it just made sense with his passing to do this kind of tribute. And then Alan Rickman died, and I thought, “You know, Alan Rickman should have had some connection to the Doctor Who universe as well.” But now this is starting to turn into a running gag, which isn’t what I wanted. But I didn’t want Dan Haggerty to, uh, feel left out. If that makes sense (it doesn’t).

Honestly, Grizzly Adams doesn’t mean a lot to me. Statistically speaking, I’ve probably seen it, since its reruns tended to air in syndication along with The Greatest American Hero, but I don’t remember.

But you know, what the hell.

Dan Haggerty in Doctor Who

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What if…

The Doctor just gave up?

A long time ago, a man who was very sick did something unforgivable. For years, he has resigned himself to a life of simplicity and contemplation. When a shuttle crashes on his mountain, the old stranger’s solitude is shattered. Will he give up his life of penance for a chance at redemption?

And will the demons of his past let him?

Starring Dan Haggerty (The Hermit/The Doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri), and Nicholas Briggs (Gus)


  • For those who don’t know, Doctor Who Unbound is a series of audiodramas by Big Finish which pulls an end-run around the licensing terms that forbade them from casting their own ninth Doctor explores alternate possibilities for the character, such as an alternate first Doctor who never left Gallifrey, and an alternate third Doctor whose exile on Earth took place in 1999 rather than the 1970s. Which makes these three articles alternate versions of an alternate version. I wonder if I could meta myself clear back to the real world.

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