Program Note

From my Askimet stats:

  • May 2015: 326 spam comments
  • June 2015: 466 spam comments
  • July 2015: 590 spam comments
  • August 2015: 617 spam comments
  • September 2015: 935 spam comments
  • October 2015: 1,029 spam comments
  • November 2015: 4,933 spam comments
  • December 2015: 22,932 spam comments
  • January 2016: 31,898 spam comments

So yeah. I think the amount of spam incoming may be once again edging up to the point where it’s causing my (admittedly somewhat flakey) web host’s database server to crash.

To keep my blog on the air, I’ve dialed the spam retention window WAY back. So if you happen to comment and it gets flagged as spam, it might no longer exist when I go to check on it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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