Tales from /lost+found 43: Death is a stupid asshole.

Yeah, I wasn’t going to keep doing this, but I said to someone, “I was worried it was turning into a running gag,” and they said, “Yeah, but is it funny?”

I don’t know either. But people have been trying to work out if Abe Vigoda was dead for longer than I’ve been alive. Exactly what I wanted to be reminded of right around my birthday.

Cover blurb below the fold.

Abe Vigoda, Glen Frey in Doctor Who

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What if…

The Doctor’s greatest enemy was also his greatest friend?

It began because they were friends. Two young Time Lords dared to dream the impossible. One dream, common to people in all places and times, forever elusive until their combined genius produced the Immortality Bullet. True immortality was within their grasp. But their people were not ready for such a quantum leap. The Immortality Bullet was confiscated, to be locked away forever. One of the young friends agreed with the decision. The other did not. Their friendship turned to hate. Their partnership, to war.

When their battle is finished, Gallifrey will be in ruins, both will be exiles. Stripped even of their very names. From this day forth, one would become “The Doctor”, the other “The Master”.

But Who shall become Who?


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