Tales from /lost+found 54: Avon Calling

I know this really isn’t my best work, but it’s two thirty in the morning and the baby is in a mood and I literally just read about the passing of Gareth Thomas.

David Hasselhoff and Gareth Thomas in Doctor Who

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Big Finish Presents

Doctor Who: The War Doctor

War never changes.

The war has brought the Doctor to the far future, where the Galactic Federation is all that stands between humanity and an alien race of unfathomable power. At least, that’s the official party line. In hushed tones all across the galaxy, there are those who question whether the Federation’s tyrannical policies really are about safety, or power. Far out on the frontier, one man is about to learn that in the fog of war, the truth is always far more complex, and far more cruel.

Starring David Hasselhoff and Gareth Thomas

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