Tales from /lost+found 55: I really hate doing these things.

So another pure soul was needed to join the army keeping Scalia’s vengeful spirit imprisoned in Hell I guess. It is a very small comfort to know that there is a fucking awesome concert going on in Heaven right now.

David Bowie and Prince in Doctor Who Unbound

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A new adventure for a new Doctor in a new dimension…

The Doctor may have escaped the Time War, but others were not so lucky. Before his thirteenth incarnation faces execution by a Dalek tribunal, the Doctor’s old nemesis, the Master, makes one last, curious request. He asks that his greatest rival, the Doctor, should return his remains to their home planet, Gallifrey.

It was a request they should never have granted…

A TARDIS malfunction sends the Doctor to San Francisco, December 31, 1999, where he’ll soon learn that, while a time lord is only permitted thirteen lives, rules never meant much to the Master.

Starring David Bowie (The Doctor), Prince (Bruce/The Master), and Daphne Ashbrook (Grace Holloway), with Gordon Tipple (The Old Master) and Yee Jee Tso (Chang Lee)


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