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Turns out I haven’t done an IMDb riff yet. A little surprised about that.

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Season 7
S7, Ep1 5 Jul. 2002 The Return of Varnax, Part 2
Trapped in a deadly pocket dimension, Leo and Alice search for a way to escape the wrath of Varnax. But can they evade the alien warlord with the help of this strange new man who claims to be the Doctor?

S7, Ep2 12 Jul. 2002 Alice in Wonderland
Alice tries to return to her normal life in San Francisco, but finds that her experiences in the emboitment have had a profound effect on her. The newly-regenerated Doctor struggles to come to terms with Varnax’s claims about the fate of the Time Lords. Leo struggles with his continued failure to reunite with Ruth. And Varnax may have left behind one …

S7, Ep3 19 Jul. 2002 Through the Looking Glass
The Doctor, Alice and Leo travel to the Outer Wastes. The Doctor believes that from this place beyond time and space, he can find a way to look past the barrier into the Time War and learn the true identity of his enemy. But there is an enemy in the Wastes far greater than he realizes… And perhaps an old friend as well …

S7, Ep4 26 Jul. 2002 Genesis of the Cybs
On route to show Alice the rise of the Roman Empire, a glitch in the co-ordinates sends them to Earth in the 1960s… Or so it seems. But why is it snowing in July? What are these headlines about the planet drifting away from the sun? And most importantly, why does the TARDIS chronometer still say 44 BC? With humanity’s survival threatened by ecological catastrophe, the ICE corporation claims to hold the key …

S7, Ep5 2 Aug. 2002 The Vox
The Vox fight to restore liberty to the world of Trolios. After his recent troubles, helping a resistance movement against a tyranical government sounds like just the thing to get him back into his element. But it turns out that there might be more to the Vox than it seems. What happens when the Doctor picks the wrong cause?

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