Tales from /lost+found 97: 2017 can F right off now.

RIP John Hurt

John Hurt and David Hasselhoff as The War Doctor

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What if…

There were more than one War Doctor?

The War Doctor was born when the Doctor chose to sacrifice his seventh incarnation to turn himself into a weapon against Zodin and the War Lords… Or was it when the dying eighth Doctor allows the Sisterhood of Karn to turn him into a warrior that could defeat the Daleks? Or perhaps it was when the fifth Doctor accepted the title of Supremo in the war against Morbius? Or when he rewrote his own past to escape the Land of Fiction? Or when he killed his own past self and assassinated the corrupt High Council…

As the Time War rips at the threads that weave reality together, war spreads like a cancer across every reality. The key to holding the multiverse together lies in the mysterious Pandorica, a box that sits at the place where all universes meet. Only one man can unravel its mystery. But it’s going to take all of them.

Starring David Hasselhoff and John Hurt as The Doctor.

Special guest appearance by Peter Davidson, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Michael Jayston as The Doctor.

And introducing Paul McGann as The Doctor.

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