Tales from /lost+found 115: The Wrong Doctor

But what lesson was he trying to teach himself by assuming the likeness of Penley from The Ice Warriors?

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What if…

The Doctor tired of his travels?

Since the days of Arthur, the royal family of England have maintained a secret collection of the world’s most dangerous works of art. Its current incarnation, the Tate Secret, houses such works as the Scourge of Carpathia, the original Crying Boy, The Statue of Melkur Triumphant, and four Mona Lisas. It is overseen by man who may be as old as the collection itself. Once, long ago, he traveled far and wide. But these days, he contents himself to serve as a guide to the rare scholars permitted to visit the gallery. Long retired from his days as a wanderer, happy, and at peace, The Curator’s life is about to be thrown into disarray by the arrival of a new painting, one with the ominous title “Gallifrey Falls”.


Starring Peter Sallis as The Curator

Also Starring Lalla Ward and Juliet Landau as Romana

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