Scheduling Conflict

Due to a scheduling conflict, Tales from /lost+found 119 and 120 will be airing on Wednesday, July 12 and July 19 respectively. As a placeholder, please enjoy this bit from my process of figuring out the twist in the Doctor Who season finale:

6/25: Oh come on! Water is real. You can film actual water. The mask is real and metal is waterproof. Why the fuck are you CGIing in a teardrop? And how can the BBC not manage to make a single drop of water look even the slightest bit convincing in 2017? Fuck this noise.

7/2: What, again? No, wait a second. Holy shit holy shit holy shit. When was the last time we saw a whole bunch of shit CGI water effects? I hope I’m right I hope I’m right I hope I’m right.


2 thoughts on “Scheduling Conflict

  1. Seed of Bismuth

    I’ve stopped watching Doctor Who long before now but what is your excitement, zombie water from mars ? something from original series? nessie?

  2. Ross Post author

    In the season opener, a girl Bill

    Spoiler Inside SelectShow

    had a crush on got turned into a sentient puddle of crappy CGI water with godlike powers.

    Spoiler Inside SelectShow

    which is pretty much the best way a season of Doctor Who, or indeed anything at all, can end

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