Kinda moving…

So apparently Google’s so hell-bent for everyone moving to https that they’re going to start popping up warnings in the near future if you go to a non-SSL page.

This prompted me to buy an SSL certificate. But unfortunately, my web host sucks ass and was able to confuse me into buying a certificate which only covers, and not

Well, actually, I think they manipulated me into buying both, but they only gave me the first one. They’ve agreed to refund the money, but they’re now claiming that they don’t even offer ssl for subdomains.

So I decided that, since I’m not really using my main domain for anything (I’ve got some ancient software up there, which I’ll make available again if anyone complains), I’ll just shove the blog over to the main domain. Which means that from now on, you can get to this blog, with all the safety and security that a green lock up in the address bar implies, at its new URL, The old url, should still work as well, and any deep links you’ve got on hand will work as well, just unencrypted.

So you may now visit in the happy knowledge that evil haxors will not be able to intercept you as you read my ridiculous blog about failed ’80s TV series.

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