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Possibly because I have been spending a lot of time reading Perfect Strangers Reviewed recently, when I heard someone in an internet forum say that something would “make a good name for a sitcom”, I felt inspired. So here’s a bunch of random phrases from my social media feeds which I have turned into title cards from ’80s sitcoms:

I didn’t actually mean for these to be deliberately political, but my main source was Twitter, so it was Trump jokes or appeals to send help for Puerto Rico.

See? Though this one feels like maybe it’s a detective show rather than a sitcom.

This one came from the caption to a story about Nazi remains being found in a beached whale carcass.

See? They’re not all political.

I don’t even know what this means, but look at the phrase. It’s hard to believe this wasn’t a real Miller-Boyett production.

I feel like this one’s gimmick is that the main character is the 8-bit computer that controls the house.

“Brexit” is hip free-spirited woman who impulsively agrees to a green card marriage to a straight-laced immigrant from Dublin.

It’d be unfair to do Bubsy and just kick Kirby to the, um, curb-y.

Obviously a work-com.

Apologies for the clickbait, but here’s the source

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