ITCXXXVIII: Thank you for patronizing us

Years ago, when I was in High School, the paper covers we were required to put on our textbooks started featuring advertisements from various local businesses. On the inside cover, it said “These businesses have contributed to your local board of education. Please patronize them.” And so I did.
On a note not entirely unrelated, when I was young, there was a restaurant in my home town called “Golden Corral”. It was a normal family style restaurant, sort of similar to Sizzler. The things I recall the most were their very nice salad bar, and the incredibly delicious buttered toast slice you got with your meal.
Well, Golden Corral closed down at some point, after being robbed at gunpoint like three times in as many months, and the restaurant has since been converted into a sporting goods store.
So when, a few months ago, Leah and I went into a Golden Corral restaurant, I was surprised to find it was nothing like I remembered; it’s just a supergiant buffet now, which is awesome in its own way, though I do miss the toast.
But as a buffet, the rules are a bit different than a traditional restaurant: namely, you stand in a line at the door and when you get to the end of the line, you pay a rate based on the number of diners, and are led to a seat, and this is pretty much the end of the waitstaff’s involvement with you, other than to clean up your wreckage from time to time.
Here is a sign posted by the register, where you pay your bill before you have received any service:


If on the other hand, you don’t want good service, make sure you tell your server and feel free not to tip.

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