Hate wins.

I am done with you, my fellow Americans. Fuck you all.

Y’know what? I’m white. I’m straight. I’ve got money. I am going to be hurt less than a lot of people. So as Emperor Trump destroys the economy and you motherfuckers have to explain to your starving children that you voted for a rapist because of something to do with emails that you don’t even understand yourself, when you’re kowtowing to your Russian overlords as the KKK drinks to their triump, I’m going to just enjoy the fucking schadenfreude of knowing that you motherfuckers got the president you wanted. I’m gonna laugh my ass off when you fuckers in Florida are drowning because that “Chinese hoax” has submerged your state. We offered you equality, and you wouldn’t take it. There’s nothing left I can do to help my gay friends, my muslim friends, my transgender friends, my hispanic friends, my female friends from the pain that’s been unleashed on them, They will get the worst of it, but I promise that you will burn too. All that’s left for us now is to make sure that when you burn us down, you burn with us. Fuck you all.

I’m sorry Dylan. I’m sorry Evelyn. We failed you. I failed you. The human race failed you. It’s not right and it’s not fair and I don’t know if you’ll be able to fix it. If the world even still exists when you grow up, you should curse us and spit on our graves for what we did to you. I am so sorry. Don’t forgive us. Don’t ever forgive us.


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